Life raft

As part of life and the journey on the high seas, it is always appropriate to have material that can be of great use to the people on board. Safety is one of the essential things to keep in mind when travelling out to sea, especially if children are present. Life jackets are an essential part of the matter but it is also necessary a vehicle or transport to be on the water in case of a sinking or any emergency that may arise. In a practical and simple way. The Coastaldry life raft is one of the best in the European market and also in the rest of the world thanks to its capacity, durability, resistance and above all its price, being one of the most economical rafts but maintaining the same quality as always.
Safety on board and enough space
It is one of the largest life rafts on the market with capacity for four adults. It is completely comfortable to carry as it comes inside a bag that facilitates its usefulness and transport. This raft also inflates very quickly which helps, in dangerous situations, to its quick and easy use. It has all the necessary equipment as far as first aid at sea is concerned, complying with European legislation as far as lifesaving equipment is concerned.
The weight of the raft is only 24 grams which makes it especially light to be loaded. It complies with all the parameters established for rafts up to 12 nautical miles at sea, approved by European regulations. It is completely resistant and is made of vinyl, which is a waterproof material that will always help keep its occupants dry and safe.

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